Installation old


  1. First remove your stock headlight.


2. After that, you can install your frame adapter around the frame neck. Firm up the 3 bolts once you sandwich it on the frame. Do not force it. make sure the adapter fits properly before tightening the bolts. Do not try to make the adapter fit by tightening the bolts, remember this adapter is aluminum. So snug is enough. If there are any questions, please call before you break something!


    1. On pre 2006 models, there is an extra sleeve for the frame adapter, and a tank bolt relocation. (neither pictured). Make sure the mount is square.





    1. You can now attach the two frame side pieces of the x bracket. They attach to the screws of the frame / frame adapter. Bolt them so they sandwich together.



    1. If you are using lower fairings, this is the point you should attach the lower fairings to the main fairing. If your fairings are un-drilled, drill three holes and attach them with bolts.



    1. Install your lower fairing ballistic mounts to the forward pegs, leave them just loose enough where you can move them to the desired angle. 
    2. Attach the other two pieces of the x bracket to the fairing, bolt them, but leave them loose.


    1. At this point you could use some help from a friend, but it has been done alone as well.
    2. Have a pair of vice grips ready and also a small towel or something to keep from scratching the x bracket.


    1. Turn the handlebars to one side and place the fairings up to the bike. The fairing side x brackets should be on each side of the frame side x brackets. Get a quick fit and clamp the x brackets all together with the vice grips. This will secure the fairings. 


    1. Step back, and check the angle of the fairing. First and foremost, the lowers should line up with the bottom mount. 


    1. If they don't look right, loosen the vice grips, re-position, and clamp again until you get the desired angle.
    2. Mark, and drill the holes for the bottom mounts of the lower fairings. Attach with bolts firmly from the mount to the lower fairing, but heave the mounts loose on the forward peg mount. 


    1. Check for fitment and angle correction one more time.
    2. Install the bottom fairing mount to the frame. It only has one bolt. make sure your side pieces which fasten to the fairing sit close so nothing is under stress when you affix the two together. This may be another time to adjust the x bracket. 
    3. Do the same thing with the top mounts. Attach them to the gas tank bolt, and see how they line up, adjust if needed, then drill holes in the fairing to attach.
    4. If everything looks good, drill out the small holes and fasten the mount to the bottom of the fairing with bolts.


    1. When you are satisfied with everything. unbolt the the fairing from all peices of the x brackets. This will leave them clamped together. Once the fairings are off the bike. Drill two holes in the x bracket to finalize the position and angle. At this point your x bracket functions as one peice.
    2. While the fairings are off, place the rear headlight bucket in the center, and mark the back side with a sharpie marker. Drill the four holes in the bucket. Now when you re-installing the fairings, you can also place the same bolts thru this bracket as well. 


    1. Re install the fairings just as you took them off. 
    2. You are on the home stretch now.
    3. Finish installing your headlight, Make sure your angle adjusters are in the right position. 


    1. Install the well nuts (purchased separately) in the headlight cavity.
    2. Hold the headlight cover up to the fairing. Mark where you want your holes to be drilled. They should be over the well nuts.


    1. Install the windshield by holding it up on the fairing at the desired position. This is done easier with a friends help. Mark the holes, remove the windshield, and drill the holes for the well nuts. Attach the windshield with the screws. 


    1. Double check that you didn't leave any bolts loose. 

    Don’t forget to take it for a test ride and enjoy!