Without a doubt, you have purchased the most advanced and sophisticated Deviant Fabrications ZT-FXRD FairingTM of its kind in the motorcycle industry. Light years ahead of competition… second place is far behind. This fairing was designed with performance in mind for the 21st century.  

Light-weight using modern materials, aerodynamics (wind tunnel tested) and fit at ZERO - TOLERANCE. What more can you ask for?

It was also designed to fit the biggest speakers on the market without overhanging in stock locations, accommodate modern day electronics (double DIN) in the cockpit, has built in functional large capacity GLOVEBOXES and comes to your laser straight and in gloss black POLYURETHANE primer you can run as is for many years if you choose or scuff and paint.( we DO NOT CHARGE FOR THAT and therefore will NOT be accountable for any surface scratches occurred during shipping ,(USPS IS!).What this means is SAVINGS to you. Because by the time you get your fiberglass shell fairing half of where the ZT- FXRD is you will have easily spend at least 3x as much, fought with you painter twice and are trying to budget for the suspension upgrade required to move your fiberglass fitted heavy fairing bike across the street and even then you won’t have functional glove boxes.

If your bike was built past 1960, fiberglass as it is available to you does not belong on a motorcycle. (there are accepted modern manufacturing ways and not what’s being sold, (NOT even suited for a bathtub… much less a motorcycle… any! Ask your supplier if they say the fairing, they are about to sell you is fiberglass… hang up and RUN!).

Carburetors where GREAT but fuel injection is better! Mechanical evolution…

What you get

Deviant Fabrications ZT-FXRD Fairing MT made of ABS capped POLYCARBONATE and CNC immaculately finished, lowers, windshield and light lens, mounts and brackets, specific to your bike, 7” head light mount, lowers installation kit, sponge film for light lens a bag of push clips for windshield and light lens, also provided 6 wellnuts for ease of LOWER FAIRING installation / removal and anti-vibration of lower mounts (see packing list).


Installation basics

All Deviant Fabrications ZT-FXRD FairingsTM must be installed by qualified professionals or someone comfortable with basic tools (DIY). Must know what they are doing.

One willing to apply a better bracket system than the 80’s to achieved that intended look every time. (headlight pointing to the birds and that dreaded tank-gap NOT an option).

The fairings are designed for a multitude of different motorcycles forks (upright and inverted… Wide and narrow) dimensions and different front wheel sizes.

Although much less than other fairing in the markets final fitting is necessary like any high-end body kit or spoiler, and is the sole responsibility of the installer. This is not a simple master cylinder chrome cover, it’s a fairing… the largest part installed on a motorcycle!.


Fairings installation mechanics /theory

For a fairing to work as a fairing it should be securely mounted on the bike as close to the tank as possible and above the fork, NOT 4’ in front of the motorcycle. A fairing must be able to transfer acquired force of the motorcycle (flimsy unsupported brackets won’t do that!). We have all seen them riding around with that dreaded tank gaps. A properly mounted fairing is fastened in 3 places, main brackets, lower support bracket (usually located in the engine mount area) and two tank mounts aka. Lateral stabilizer. [see attachment 1].



               Attachment 1                                         



The lower fairing is mounted to the main fairing (top) with the provided wellnuts [see attachment 2] and to the forward control bolt (bottom) by means of adjustable anti - vibration mount provided. [see attachment 3].


                           Attachment 2                          Attachment 3


Required hardware


Yes, this is a DIY kit you will need a trip to the hardware store.

You will need to buy:

5 x hex head bolts with 2 medium sized washers and nylock nut each 5/16”x 3/4” (M8 x 20MM).    

4 will be used in the main bracket mount behind the headlight. [see attachment 4].  

1 Will be used to mount the lowers support bracket to the engine card hall.

The 6th one will be a spare (nothing like losing a bolt and having to look for it).


     Attachment 4


You will also need:


10 x hex head bolts with 2 medium sized washers and nylock nut each ¼ x ½” bolts or (M6 x 15MM).

2 will be used to fix the modular bracket in position (holes you have drilled above) [see attachment 5, 6].

4 will be used for mounting the lower support to the fairing.

2 will be used in each lateral support adjustable tank mount (L+R).

  Attachment 5                                       Attachment 6                                             


Modular brackets

Deviant Fabrications supply its ZT- FXRD with a modular brackets system to ensure proper fitment/support.


What is a MODULAR-X- BRACKET system?


In our quest to deliver YOU, the builder a better product. We chose to use a modular-X- bracket with each one of our kits so it is up to the builder where the final position of the fairing lands every time, all the time.

Rake, fork type (inverted or upright), fork length… triple tree width, and customer taste vary between one motorcycle and another. Classic one-piece bracket dictates where you fairing position will be with slight adjustment up and down, making it IMPOSSIBLE to achieve that desired “custom” fitted look you are seeking. After all, it’s not a ONE SIZE fits all type situation. For this we provide each one of our kits with a MODULAR-X- BRACKET system.

That simply means the bracket supplied consists of 2 parts. One goes on the chassis like all others mounting but the other part is mounted to the fairing behind the light. Both parts are a then placed over one another with unlimited possibility to move your fairing into the desired position (Don’t be afraid to ask a loved one to sit on the bike while you step back and confirm fairing position) mark and drill the bracket, to a fixed, permanent fixture position. Perfect fitment at the expense of drilling 2 holes…


Frame Support lower Bracket (See attachment 7, 8, 9, 10).


                                                   Attachment 7                                                                             

                     Attachment 8                                                             Attachment 9

                                                          Attachment 10                                                               


Like the OEM, your Deviant Fabrications ZT-FXRD FairingTM will be supported from the lower middle, usually to the engine guard mounting area. These brackets have different shapes and sizes and will help

set fairing height. From OEM shaped (touring and FXR to telescopic adjustable 2018+ SOFTAIL).

We will discuss today the Dyna FXDL intended bracket as a conversant guideline.  

A carefully selected nut-spacer has been provided with the kit for its shape to fit in the provided slot in the chassis without turning. Place the provided washer/ nut in engine guard hole, put your acquired bolt (the fifth one you got at the hardware store) washers and nut in place (so it will be screw, washer, bracket center hole, spacer nut, engine guard hole, washer, nut) [see attachment  11,12  ] now reach back behind the chassis and torque it all in place.

If your support bracket is a little off, turn it around! Effortlessly bend it into place to meet and support the fairing at flat, if your motorcycle is modified, and the bracket seems either too tall or short raise or lower you fairing accordingly. That is the intended purpose of the modular-X- bracket. (it’s not ONE SIZE fits all if it were freedom of placement/clearance would be very limited).

           Attachment 11                                                Attachment 12





For 2021 Your kit included the telescopic lateral adjustable tank mounts.

Those are to be installed last, in the best location YOU will determine (L+R) to get the fairing perfectly dialed in and laterally supported for high-speed aerodynamics (very important). Don’t skip those they will support your fairing from vibrating, (road and engine harmonics) prevent cracking, unify it with the chassis making your fairing work like one instead of being a useless heavy decorative conversation piece. [see attachment 13,14,15,16]


           Attachment 13                                                 Attachment 14                                                  


Attachment 15                                                                        Attachment 16





How to properly mount the LOWER FAIRING if you chose to run them.

Each said lower fairing will come with a lower fairing mounting kit.

This kit contains:

2x telescopic anti-vibration mount.

6x Wellnuts

4X rubber damper sponges

2x silicone rubber edge trims

Carefully peel and stick the sponges to the lower fairing matting surface

Slide silicone trim over the long edge of the lower fairings.

Push plugs out of corresponding mounting holes in fairing.

Enlarge 3 holes (now 5mm) to 3/8” or 10mm, Place lower fairing against main fairing and tighten all 3 provided wellnuts.

Now for the other side (lower side).

As for the lower, on the fairing side holes have been drilled to guide you.

Place the rubber sponge in between, expand you holes in the fairing and use the well nuts to secure them to the fairing.

You will be left with the other side. Mount the bracket provided to you forward control hole. Now, about and 1” 1/4" up in the middle of the lower drill a hole ½’ OR 13MM for the wellnut provided.

Tighten everything up into your desired position. [see attachment 17,18,19,20,21]


We have provided this bracket to be telescopic for various reasons, if you choose to run floorboards, forward controls or just have a big foot… our exclusive lower mounting angle (unlike the OEM and various cheap fiberglass reproductions) with the use of the adjustable anti-vibration telescopic mount can accommodate for that.


      Attachment 17                                                           Attachment 18                            







                  Attachment 19                                                         Attachment 20

                     Attachment 21










Place the provided seal sponge tape [see attachment 20] on the inside outermost parameter of the light lens.

Provided is a bag of nylon push-clips [see attachment 21], use them to secure the light lens to the 4 holes in the fairing.

You will notice that the provided light lens flows smoothly and aerodynamically once in place without the traditional seal known to break the lines and smooth flow of your fairing.

          Attachment 22                                                               Attachment 23           






We’ve left the best for last!

Use 6 nylon tabs provided to secure in place. Do not enlarge holes there is no need.

Never before has there been a windshield with as much live windtunel as the AIR FOIL (Circa Rafael DDC 2019).

This not only makes for great conversation but its beautiful discreet lines make it a Windshield-less windshield positioned correctly will not only shelter the tallest of riders in a wind vacuum (laminar flow) will also create 40lbs of down force at 80 mph. adding to the stability and performance of the Deviant Fabrications ZT-FXRD FairingTM.

Check video.  



In the event surface repair is needed plastic welding is recommended, resin, fiberglass, epoxy and silicone based adhesive (Goop) will bond to the Deviant Fabrications ZT-FXRD FairingTM provided that the surface is clean.



This is a professional grade -product! Professionalism is required for installation (SAFETY FIRST!). Remember there is no right or wrong way to skin a cat. We provide GUIDELINES of how we do it.

These guidelines are based on a multitude of customer question over the years for 100’s of fairings sold. It’s ultimately the builder’s responsibility to ensure proper fitment and improvise where needed. If any questions HAVE NOT been addressed, please feel free to contact us, someone will be available to help you.




Attached is a set of supports to pictures that will give you an idea of how
The installation was done previous .For 2021 Your kit included the telescopic lateral adjustable tank mounts.
Those are to be installed  at the end in the best location YOU will determine (l+R) to get the faring perfectly dialed in
and laterally supported for high speed aerodynamics (very important).


  1. First, remove your stock headlight.
  2. After that, you can install your frame adapter around the frame neck. Firm up the 3 bolts once you sandwich it on the frame. Do not force it. make sure the adapter fits properly before tightening the bolts. Do not try to make the adapter fit by tightening the bolts, remember this adapter is aluminum. So snug is enough. If there are any questions, please call before you break something!
  3. On pre-2006 models, there is an extra sleeve for the frame adapter, and a tank bolt relocation. (neither pictured). Make sure the mount is square.


  1. You can now attach the two frame side pieces of the x bracket. They attach to the screws of the frame/frame adapter. Bolt them so they sandwich together.
  2. If you are using lower fairings, this is the point you should attach the lower fairings to the main fairing. If your fairings are un-drilled, drill three holes and attach them with bolts.
  3. Install your lower fairing ballistic mounts to the forward pegs, leave them just loose enough where you can move them to the desired angle. 
  4. Attach the other two pieces of the x bracket to the fairing, bolt them, but leave them loose.
  5. At this point you could use some help from a friend, but it has been done alone as well.
  6. Have a pair of vice grips ready and also a small towel or something to keep from scratching the x bracket.
  7. Turn the handlebars to one side and place the fairings up to the bike. The fairing side x brackets should be on each side of the frame side x brackets. Get a quick fit and clamp the x brackets all together with the vice grips. This will secure the fairings.
  8.  Step back, and check the angle of the fairing. First and foremost, the lowers should line up with the bottom mount.
  9.  If they don't look right, loosen the vice grips, re-position, and clamp again until you get the desired angle.
  10.  Mark, and drill the holes for the bottom mounts of the lower fairings. Attach with bolts firmly from the mount to the lower fairing, but heave the mounts loose on the forward peg mount.
  11.  Check for fitment and angle correction one more time.
  12.  Install the bottom fairing mount to the frame. It only has one bolt. make sure your side pieces which fasten to the fairing sit close so nothing is under stress when you affix the two together. This may be another time to adjust the x bracket.
  13.  Do the same thing with the top mounts. Attach them to the gas tank bolt, and see how they line up, adjust if needed, then drill holes in the fairing to attach.
  14.  If everything looks good, drill out the small holes and fasten the mount to the bottom of the fairing with bolts.
  15. When you are satisfied with everything. unbolt the the fairing from all pieces of the x brackets. This will leave them clamped together. Once the fairings are off the bike. Drill two holes in the x bracket to finalize the position and angle. At this point your x bracket functions as one piece.
  16. While the fairings are off, place the rear headlight bucket in the center, and mark the back side with a sharpie marker. Drill the four holes in the bucket. Now when you re-installing the fairings, you can also place the same bolts thru this bracket as well.
  17. Re install the fairings just as you took them off.
  18. You are on the home stretch now.
  19. Finish installing your headlight, Make sure your angle adjusters are in the right position.
  20. Install the well nuts (purchased separately) in the headlight cavity.
  21. Hold the headlight cover up to the fairing. Mark where you want your holes to be drilled. They should be over the well nuts.
  22. Install the windshield by holding it up on the fairing at the desired position. This is done easier with a friends help. Mark the holes, remove the windshield, and drill the holes for the well nuts. Attach the windshield with the screws.
  23. Double check that you didn't leave any bolts loose. 

Don’t forget to take it for a test ride and enjoy!