Modular ”X” bracket

Another DEFAB innovation… after making  and installing the FXD frame mounts (above) on our FXDB , we brought our original fairing with the OEM fairing bracket  and slipped it on to the frame mount now installed on our shop bike. Everything mounted as desired and the fairing was now solidly fixed to the bike. We took a step back to enjoy our new achievement… and to our disappointment the fairing was not sitting where we wanted it, it was too far out and pointing in the wrong direction, towards the birds. Surely you have seen this before.The bike looked pieced together and did not have the FROWN of the FXRT’s and FXRD’ we loved so much.Back to the drawingboard. Again, we did not want to use shims and spacers that would compromise the integrity of the fairings at high speed and one bracket to fit all the applications . We had to make a bracket that was versatile and flexible to give the user the capability of placing the fairing in the position and angle they desired and fix it there. Thus the Modular”X”bracket. This bracket is a must have! Can be used in place of the original FXR fairing brackets on FXRs and our FXD kits. With today’s different rakes, forks, fork tube length and other modifications being made to the motorcycles, this is the bracket for you. We all know what the OEM one sell for if you can find one. These are laser cut for precision fit and finish.