FXD frame mount

Here we wanted to use FXR fairings and hardware designed to fit the FXR chassis and mounting points on late model FXD’s.Two very different chassis. This had to be SOLID and SAFE, functional and look good. We looked at many alternatives and variations of doing this. Welding on the chassis was not an option. Excessive supports and bracketry cluttering the area was also not an option. We wanted to transplant the FXR chassis mounting points to the late model FXD chassis in a non-invasive way that would not permanently alter the structure or integrity of the chassis and yet could be completely removed  without so much as a scratch. After careful consideration and many engineering hours on the Bridgeport mill and the lathe we came out with the first prototype we called the FXD FRAME MOUNT. This adapter starts of as a 10lb solid piece of aluminum and is precisely hand milled and machined to give what we think is the best way to mount all the FXR components to the FXD frames giving the option of using the OEM FXR parts if desired.