When we set out to make fairings, we initially wanted them for our own bikes. That being said as you may know the OEM leaves room for improvements so we took an OEM fairing from a late model FXRP and duplicated it at 100% (both inside and out)  building a mold that would correct the weaknesses in the original fairing and where each piece came out identical The fiberglass was hand laid in the molds giving us a strong yet light and affordable finished product.  As you know, in the event fiberglass is broken or damaged, it can easily be repaired to its original look . The fairings are fresh and new giving you an attractive alternative to the original fairings of the 80’s and the time that has taken its toll on them. These will need the final prep before paint.

You will need to mock-up, fill, sand, prep, prime & paint before installing.  

These are not a finished product!   

Although installation is pretty easy, we recommend having these installed by a professional.