Defender Saddlebag Subframe Mounting Chassis

Sub-frame Mounting System for late model Dyna (2006-2017) Patent Pending. Before the folks at Deviant Fabrications developed this 3point mounting system for the OEM Defender Saddlebags, folks had to settle for these OUTSTANDINGLY designed saddlebags to be installed unsupported on a single rail by the aftermarket options available to them. The bags would flop, sag, look uneven on both sides and cause that dreaded wobble from having weight shifted too far back on the motorcycle...

Not to mention, having passenger foot pegs was NOT an option. Every Dyna rider wants this mil spec. Luggage system but did NOT want the comprises associated. We developed a mounting system using the ORIGINAL Defender (FXDP) Saddlebags and rails so they could be mounted AS INTENDED by the OEM for the Police force.

3 mounting points are required (Cant have a chair standing on one or two legs…needs 3!), with the safety of these bags as intended, keeping the guard rails functional for rider/passenger safety in mind, eliminating all sag and flop as well as allowing for rear passenger foot pegs and keeping things looking good only at Deviant Fabrications.